If you've read the story already, then you get the gist. If you haven't, then please do.

This site is the book.

I've taken a picture of every single page in the wonderfully worn Moleskine and uploaded it to Flickr. I then went through and added descriptions for the pages that had writing, adding the text version under each one.

For the moment, you can use this site to view the slideshow of pictures, or head over to Flickr and see the same thing.

I'll leave a comment page on the story and on this site explanation. You can use that to comment with your thoughts. If you'd like to comment on a specific drawing or writing, please use the Flickr comments for that photo to do so.

Over time, I will go back through and comment on a few of these, as some I'd like to attach stories to.

For now, enjoy. I am. :)